Our last lesson for Set 9 Down on the Farm is a perfect follow-up for the book, Jack, since it involves using beans! For this lesson, your child will be segmenting words and counting the number of sounds (phonemes).


Down on the Farm – Lesson 32

I can segment and count sounds in words.

Objective: To segment and count sounds in words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: work mat (a row of four boxes), small shovel, dry lima beans

Procedures: Create a work mat that has a row of four boxes. Give your child a small “shovel” of lima beans. Say a word such as “clap”. Your child will segment the word and place a bean in each of the four boxes since there are four sounds in that word. Continue with other words such as “chop”. For chop, your child will place a bean in three boxes because “ch” forms one sound.

Conclusion: Plant a few lima beans with your child to watch them grow! Then cuddle up and listen to your child read all of the Down on the Farm books from Set 9.