Forest Fun - Lesson 37 - Sight words (am, can, not) - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Forest Fun – Lesson 37 – Sight words (am, can, not)

It’s time to learn a few more sight words for the next story! Your child can write the sight words in any tactile material. The one pictured for this lesson is actually cornmeal since I did not have sand.

Lesson 37 Picture

Forest Fun – Lesson 37

“I can read sight words (am, can, not).”

Objective: To identify sight words, am, can, not. (RF.K.3)

Materials: sight word cards, sand, tray

Procedures: Tell your child she is going to learn three more sight words. These are words that are to be memorized by how they look. Spread sand on the tray. Hold up the sight word card, “am” and read it to your child. Your child will copy the word “am” in the sand while repeating the word. Follow the same procedure for the other two sight words.

Conclusion: Your child will read all three sight words on the sight word cards.

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