As you probably noticed, I have included a writing prompt after each story. But you can have your child write anytime in her journal. You can create a writing prompt for any book you read to her. The more she writes, the more comfortable she will be about writing and the better she will get. In this writing prompt, the child began her sentence with the actual word “I” since that is one of our sight words that she knows.

Lesson 39 picture

Forest Fun – Lesson 39

“I can write a story.”

Objective: To use inventive writing to write a story. (W.K.1)

Materials: journal, pencil, crayons

Procedures: Talk about how Sam was being a bully. Discuss ways to be nice to others. For a writing prompt, ask your child to write a sentence about how she will treat her friends. Remind her that it’s okay to use squiggly lines to represent the words. Mention spacing and a period at the end of her sentence. You will write the real words under her sentence. Then she will illustrate her story to match what she has written. Keep the journal in a safe place for her next story.

Conclusion: Have your child read her story to you again. Talk about her cool illustrations and tell her how you loved her story!