It is important for children to be able to decode nonsense words as well as real words. Decoding words that do not make sense shows that your child is truly able to blend the sounds because she is not able to guess what the word may be. In this activity, your child will be blending a consonant with a word family. Using large dice makes the game more fun. (and a great way to recycle empty tissue boxes!) Writing the words is also good practice.

Lesson 48

Forest Fun – Lesson 48

“I can read real and nonsense words.”

Objective: To read real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: two cube shape tissue boxes, labels, sharpie pen, wipe-off board, marker, eraser

Procedures: Place a large label on each side of the tissue boxes. On one box, write a consonant on each label. One the other box, write a word family on each label. Have your child roll the dice and read the word that is formed. If it is a real word, she will write it in the “real” column. If it is a nonsense word, she will write it in the “nonsense” column.

Conclusion: After this activity, have your child read each real and nonsense word to you.