Here is a fun and simple-to-create lesson to go along with the book, Pop. This activity will help your child follow directions as well as practice phonics skills.

Lesson 53

Forest Fun – Lesson 53

“I can follow directions and identify letter sounds.”

Objective: To identify letter-sounds. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: Popcorn cut-outs, marker

Procedures: Cut out five popcorn shapes on construction paper or use clipart. Write a letter on each one. Give your child directions for him to perform such as…Touch the /b/ to your nose. Your child will choose the popcorn with letter b and touch it to her nose. Give other directions such as…touch the /c/ to your elbow, touch the /m/ to your knees, or touch the /t/ to your shoulder. This is a fun way to practice listening, following directions, and naming body parts. Play using the letter-sounds and again using the letter names.

Conclusion: For extra fun, your child can give you directions to follow.