This will be our last writing prompt for Set 6. You can probably already see your child’s writing emerging as new skills are learned, especially if your child is writing more often than these six prompts. Keep encouraging your child to write and if you need to remind him of concepts (such as finger spaces between words, a period at the end and so on), do it gently to keep him from becoming discouraged. We want to keep writing a positive experience.

lesson 56

Forest Fun – Lesson 56

“I can write a story.”

Objective: To use inventive writing to write a story. (W.K.1)

Materials: journal, pencil, crayons

Procedures: Talk about things you have done as a family while camping, such as roast marshmallows, hike in the woods, sleep in a tent, and so on. For a writing prompt, ask your child to write a sentence about something that he likes to do while camping. If your child is ready, he may use letters to represent sounds in words such as t for tent or cmpf for campfire. Encourage spacing and punctuation. You will write the real words under his sentence. Then he will illustrate his story to match what he has written. Keep the journal in a safe place for his next story.

Conclusion: Have your child read his story to you again. Talk about the great illustrations and how much you enjoyed his story.