Rhyming is an important phonemic awareness skill for learning to read. It’s always more fun to take learning outdoors, so take your backpack of objects out to the backyard! This activity goes along with the Half-Pint Reader, Bob.

lesson 57

Forest Fun – Lesson 57

“I can rhyme words.”

Objective: To identify words that rhyme. (RF.K.2)

Materials: backpack, camping objects that are easy to rhyme. (socks, soap, shirt, book, cup, dish, spoon, chips, coat, map, etc.)

Procedures: Place several household objects into a backpack that would be good to take on a camping trip. Ask your child to find something in the backpack that rhymes with rocks. (socks) Then continue with other words to rhyme such as rope/soap, dirt/shirt, look/book, pup/cup, fish/dish, moon/spoon, dips/chips, boat/coat, and cap/map.

Conclusion: When all the objects have been removed from the backpack, ask your child to think of a different word to rhyme with each object.