In the Meadow – Lesson 1

I can identify the “str” blend.

To begin our new “In the Meadow” theme, your child will be writing in coffee grinds which he can pretend is dirt from the meadow.



Objective: To identify the “str” blend. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: “str” blend card, coffee grinds, tray, unsharpened pencil

Procedures: Place a thin layer of coffee grinds on a tray to represent dirt from the meadow. Display the “str” blend card to your child. Talk about the sound these letters make when blended together. Have him trace the letters while saying the blend. Say words for your child to spell in the “dirt”, using the eraser end of the pencil. Examples: stripe, strum, strand, strap, strong.

Conclusion: Reverse roles. Your child will be the teacher and tell you “str” words to write in the dirt.