Hide and seek games are so much fun! Try this game to practice blends.

In the Meadow – Lesson 13

I can identify blends.


Objective: To identify blends. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: flower cut-outs, small clipart of a bee, marker

Procedures: Make flower shapes from construction paper or foam sheets and write a blend on each one. Make a bee that is small enough to hide behind a flower. Ask your child to cover his eyes while you hide the bee. Then ask him to uncover his eyes. You will chant: “Hickety PIckety Bumble Bee! Do you have a blend for me?” Your child will guess a blend by saying the sounds. Check to see if the bee is hiding there. She will continue guessing until the bee is found. Hide the bee again and the game continues.

Conclusion: Play again and let your child hide the bee for you to find! Say a word that begins with each blend.