What a fun lesson to go along with our new book, Mole. Your child is sure to enjoy practicing sight words with this silly game!

In the Meadow – Lesson 27

I can rapidly  identify sight words.


Objective: To identify sight words: yellow, blue, four, find, now, they three, know (RF.K.3)

Materials: clipart of 8 moles, marker, pool noodle, cutting blade, pencil

Procedures: Print clipart of 8 moles on a sheet of paper. Write a sight word on each. Create a sledge hammer by cutting a four inch chunk of a pool noodle. Then pierce it with a stick. Tell your child he is going to play “Whack a Mole.” Say a sight word and he will quickly find the mole with that word and “whack” it. Continue until all the words have been found several times.

Conclusion: Your child will read the words again and then he will write them on a wipe-off board.