Oh no! The rain washed the little snail all the way down the trail. Will she make it back to the top? Read the story to find out if perseverance pays off.

Family Fun – Lesson 3

I can read the story, “Snail.”

Objective: To fluently read the story, Snail. (RF.K.4)

Materials: Snail (Set 16, Book 1)

Procedures: Discuss the cover of the book. Ask questions such as: What is the title of this story? Who is the main character? Describe the setting. Where do you think the snail is going? Turn to the inside front cover to read and discuss the vocabulary words. Then have your child read the book. As your child reads, discuss the illustrations, characters and plot. Have your child respond to the story by making comparisons and predictions.

Conclusion: After reading the story, discuss the comprehension questions at the end of the book and ask your child to retell the story. For further practice, download the FREE printable activity sheet for this book from our website.