In today’s lesson, your child will practice reading sentences. It is good practice to have your child read random sentences that are not from a story so the text in not predictable. This will help you know how fluently your child can read.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 13

“I can read sentences!”

Objective: To fluently read a sentence and match it to a corresponding picture. (RF.K.4)

Materials: Sentence strips, marker, picture cards.

Procedures: Write several sentences on sentence strips using the familiar letter sounds and sight words. Examples:

We like to hug.

The man can jog.

The cub got in a jug.

I see a van.

I like to mix.

We sat in a bin.

Place picture cards on the table. Your child will read a sentence and match it to the picture.

Conclusion: Remove the pictures and you child will read each sentence again.