Hooray! Your child is ready to read the first book in Set 5. The Hug is a cute story to which your child will be able to relate.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 14

“I can read and comprehend, The Hug.”

Objective: To fluently read and comprehend the story, The Hug! (RF.K.4)

Materials: The Hug (Set 5, Book 1)

Procedures: Ask your child to tell you about the cover of this book. Ask questions such as: Where does this story take place? Who are the characters? For what type of climate are they dressed? Where might they live? What do you think their relationship is to each other? Turn to the inside front cover to read and discuss the vocabulary words. Then have your child read the book. Remember to ask questions about the illustrations, talk about the setting, characters, and plot, make predictions, point out details in the text, and so on.

Conclusion: After reading the story, discuss the comprehension questions at the end of the book and ask your child to retell the story. For further practice, download the FREE printable activity sheet for this book from our website.