Children learn by using their five senses and this activity involves the sense of touch. You don’t need to buy an expensive “feely box” because you can create one with a sock and a plastic cup.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 24

“I can guess an object by feeling it and then match it to its beginning letter-sound!”

Objective: To identify objects by the sense of touch and to identify beginning sounds. (RF.K.3)

Materials: household objects, sock, small plastic storage container, letters

Procedures: Place a small plastic storage container in the bottom of a sock. Fill the container with small objects. Your child will reach into the “feely sock” and guess what the object is by using his sense of touch. Then he will remove the object to see if he is correct and place it by the beginning letter sound. Continue until the container is empty.

Conclusion: Have your child name the row of objects and each beginning sound.