Onset is the initial sound of a word and rime refers to the group of letters that follow. For example, in the word cat, “c” is the onset and “at” is the rime. Teaching your child about onset and rime will help her to recognize common chunks within words. This will help her decode new words when reading and also help her to spell words when writing. Today’s kangaroo activity will give your child lots of practice with onset and rime.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 33

“I can read words using onset and rimes.”

Objective: To read words using onset and rimes. (RF.K.2)

Materials: baby kangaroo clipart, mommy kangaroo clipart, popsicle sticks, glue

Procedures: Cut out baby and mommy kangaroos. Write a letter on the baby kangaroos and a word family on the mommy kangaroos. Line up the mommy kangaroos in a column. Your child will choose a joey (baby kangaroo) and place him by the first mommy kangaroo. She will read the word that is formed by onset/rime. Then she will move the joey to the next mommy kangaroo and read the word that is formed. After each word has been read, she can repeat with a different joey.

Conclusion: Discuss real/nonsense words during this lesson. Then let your child enjoy some hopping fun. Ask her to hop to a word family until each word family has been found.