It’s good practice to often review the names of the letters your child has learned, as well as their sounds. This “spoon” activity of matching uppercase and lowercase letters is a fun fit for the story, The Mug.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 36

“I can match uppercase and lowercase letters.”

Objective: To match uppercase and lowercase letters. (RF.K.1)

Materials: white plastic spoons, clear plastic spoons, blue and black sharpies.

Procedures: Lay the white spoons on the table face up with the handle at the bottom. At the top of the rounded part, use the blue sharpie to write an upper case letter on each one. Then lay the clear spoons the same way and on the lower edge of the rounded part, use the black marker to write a lower case letter on each spoon. Mix up both sets of spoons. Your child will match the letters by laying the clear spoon on top of the white spoon.

Conclusion: Ask your child to name each letter and sound.