Today is the last lesson for Set 5, Jumping Jungle! Your child will be using tactile writing to identify ending sounds of words. After this final lesson, get ready to step back into prehistoric times because our next unit is about dinosaurs!


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 38

“I can identify ending sounds.”

Objective: To identify the sound at the end of a word. (RF.K.2)

Materials: cocoa mix, paper plate

Procedures: Spread a thin layer of dry cocoa mix on a paper plate. Say a word such as “box”. Ask your child to listen for the sound she hears at the END of the word box, She will write an x in the dry cocoa mix, using her index finger. Monitor your child as she writes her letters to be sure she is using the correct formation. Continue with different words.

Conclusion: Snuggle up together with a cup of warm cocoa. After drinking the cocoa, have your child practice reading all the little books to you from Set 5.