Using a small chalkboard is a fun and easy way to teach your child to form letter x.


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 5

“I can identify letter x and the /x/ sound.”

Objective: To identify letter x and the /x/ sound. (RF.K. 1, RF.K.3)

Materials: letter x sandpaper card, chalk board, chalk, eraser

Procedures: Display the letter x sandpaper card. Say, “This is letter x. The sound of letter x is /x/.” Give several examples of words that end with  x. (box, mix, fax, T-Rex, tux, six, fix) Show your child how to make the x sound by saying “ks” Model how letter x is formed. Have your child trace letter x on the sandpaper card using his index finger. While tracing, your child will repeat, “x says /x/, x says /x/.” On a small chalkboard, model how to start in one corner and make a diagonal line down to reach the opposite bottom corner. Then make the second line slanting the other direction to form x.

Conclusion: Ask your child to identify x and the sound of /x/.