Jungle Safari - Lesson 7 - Writing Prompt for Book 2, Run - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Jungle Safari – Lesson 7 – Writing Prompt for Book 2, Run

Before your child completes this writing prompt, research facts about lions. It is good for your child to be exposed to a variety of types of print. For instance, you could use non-fiction books and science magazines that focus on animals, such as National Geographic Kids or Zoobooks.


Jungle Safari – Lesson 7

“I can write about lions.”

Objective: To use inventive writing to write about lions. (W.K.2)

Materials: journal, pencil, crayons

Procedures: Research some facts together about lions online or by reading non-fiction books or zoo animal magazines. Ask your child to describe the lion in his journal. Encourage your child to use spaces between words, punctuation at the end of the sentence and to use letter-sounds that he hears in words. Then he will illustrate his story. Keep the journal in a safe place for his next story.

Conclusion: Have your child read his story to you again. Talk about his wonderful illustrations and how you liked researching lions together.

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