Today lesson integrates reading, art and physical exercise all in one fun sight word lesson!


Medieval Magic – Lesson 21

I can identify sight words.

Objective: To identify sight words (RF.K.3)

Materials: sight word cards, brown paper grocery bag, bows, stickers, fuzzy balls, foam shapes, glue

Procedures: Have your child create a funny hat by rolling up the edges of a paper grocery bag. He will glue various materials to the hat to make it funny. Write sight words on index cards and place them at the end of the room. Your child will be jester wearing his funny hat. Say a sight word and your child will hop to the word, pick it up and hop back. Continue until all the words have been found. This game could also be played outdoors for fresh air.

Conclusion: Have your child read the sight words again and write them on a lined chalkboard.