Here is an exciting (and noisy) activity to practice decoding real and nonsense words!

Medieval Magic – Lesson 22

I can decode real and nonsense words.

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: small balloons, slips of paper, king and jester clipart.

Procedures: Write real and nonsense cvc words on slips of paper. Place each word inside of a balloon and inflate the balloon. Toss the balloons in the air and have your child catch one. You or your child will pop the balloon and your child will read the word. If it is a real word, he will give it to the king. If it is a nonsense word, he will give it to the jester. Continue until all the balloons have been popped. (If your child does not like balloons to pop, you can write the words on the inflated balloons, instead of placing the words inside the balloons.)

Conclusion: Your child will read each word again and count to see who has the most words.