Children love games so here is a simple outer space board game you can create for your child to practice decoding cvc words. You could also use this game to practice sight words, vowel sounds or other skills.


Outer Space – Lesson 2

“I can read cvc words.”

Objective: To read cvc words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: black poster board, dot stickers, colored chalk, notecards, marker, two small toy rockets.

Procedures: Make a game board by placing two rows of dot stickers (planets) across black paper. Let your child decorate the game board with colored chalk. Write cvc words and nonsense words on notecards. Shuffle the cards and place them in a stack. Place two small rockets at the start (earth). Your child will take the top card off the stack and read the word. If it is a real word, she will move her rocket to the first “planet”. If it is a nonsense word, you will move your rocket. Continue the game by reading the next card. The rocket that reaches the moon first, wins!

Conclusion: Ask your child to read the word cards again.