It is important for your child to be able to segment the sounds in words in order to be able to read and spell. Here is a fun phonemic awareness activity to go along with our Outer Space theme.


Outer Space – Lesson 29

“I can segment and count sounds in words.”

Objective: To segment and count sounds in words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: work mat of a row of four boxes, cupcake paper holder, star-shaped cereal

Procedures: Create a work mat that has a row of four boxes. Give your child a small container of star- shaped cereal. Say a word such as “snap”. Your child will segment the word and place a star in each of the four boxes since there are four sounds in that word. Continue with other words such as “ship”. For ship your child will place a star in three boxes because “sh” forms one sound.

Conclusion: Have your child read words for you to segment. Then enjoy a bowl of star cereal together. For an art project, have your child glue the stars to black construction paper to create constellations.