Here is a fun way to help your child become familiar with the blends “sn” and “fr” and the digraph “sh”. I found the little outer space toys at a craft store.


Outer Space – Lesson 8

 “I can identify blends and digraphs (sn, fr, sh).”

Objective: To identify blends and digraphs: sn, fr, sh) (RF.K.3)

Materials: bin, cornmeal, small outer space toys, word cards, clipart

Procedures: Create an outer space sensory bin with cornmeal (or any tactile substance) and toy astronauts, rockets, etc. Write the “sn, fr, sh” on three astronauts. Find clipart for each blend/digraph and glue the pictures to cards. Place the cards in the bin. Your child will pull out a card, say the picture and match it to the astronaut with the corresponding blend or digraph.

Conclusion: Your child will identify the sound of sn, fr, and sh.