Your child is sure to enjoy this phonics lesson while panning for gold!

Pioneer Days – Lesson 19

I can identify the sounds of letters, blends and digraphs.

Objective: To identify the sounds of consonants, vowels, blends and digraphs.(RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: Smooth pebbles, gold spray paint, sharpie, bin of water, brown paint, strainer

Procedures: Use gold spray paint to cover the pebbles. When dry, write a letter, blend or digraph on each. Fill a bin with water and add some brown poster paint to make the water a little murky. Place the pebbles in the water. Talk about how one of the ways that pioneers looked for gold was in streams of water. Give your child a strainer to pan for gold. As each pebble is found, your child will say the sound and name a word that begins with that sound.

Conclusion: Have your child spell cvc words with the pebbles.