Pioneer Days - Lesson 2 - Sight Words - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Pioneer Days – Lesson 2 – Sight Words

Wikki Stix are a fun tool to use to form words and these bendable sticks go along well with our Pioneer theme. You and your child might even want to explore candle-making together!



Pioneer Days – Lesson 2 

I can read sight words: with, your, be

Objective: To read sight words: with, your, be (RF.K.3)

Materials: wikki stix, sight word cards

Procedures: Tell your child he is going to learn three more new sight words for this set of books. Display the sight word “with” and read it to your child. Have your child trace “with” with his finger. Explain how the pioneers made their own candles with wax and a wick. Give your child wikki sticks to build the word. He will say each letter and then the word. Repeat several times. Continue the same exercise with the other two sight words.

Conclusion: Have your child read the three new sight words again and write them on a chalk board.

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