Pioneer Days - Lesson 20 - Mining for Sight Words - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Pioneer Days – Lesson 20 – Mining for Sight Words

In today’s lesson, your child will be mining for gold…another fun way for your “pioneer” to practice sight words!

Pioneer Days – Lesson 20

I can read sight words.

Objective: To read sight words. (RF.K.3)

Materials: aluminum foil, cardboard tube, construction paper, sharpie, flashlight or battery-operated lantern

Procedures: Help your child construct a pick ax by molding the foil into the pick ax shape. Cut slits in one end of the tube to attach the foil. Cut out gold nugget shapes and write a sight word on each one. Hide the gold around the room and turn off the lights. Explain that miners took a lantern into dark caves and used a pick ax to chip away at the walls to search for gold. Say a sight word and your child will use the flashlight and pick ax to find the word on a piece of gold in the “cave”.

Conclusion: Have your child read each word again and write six of them on a chalkboard.

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