This lesson will continue our study of pioneer life where pioneer children had to find buffalo chips in the prairie fields to use as fuel for the campfires.

Pioneer Days – Lesson 27

I can decode cvc words.

Objective: To decode cvc words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: brown construction paper, sharpie, paper towel tubes, orange and yellow tissue.

Procedures: Explain how there was no firewood on the prairie so the children gathered dried buffalo chips (buffalo waste) to burn for fuel. Create a “campfire” with the paper towel tubes and add the tissue. Make buffalo chips from the brown construction paper and write cvc words on them. Spread the buffalo chips around the room and place the campfire in the center of the room. (This activity could also be played outdoors.) Ask your child to find a buffalo chip and read the word to you. Then he will place it by the campfire. Continue until all the words have been found.

Conclusion: Have your child read each word again and write them on a chalkboard.