In the final lesson for Set 11 Pioneers Days, your child will be finding the missing letters for words that are written on “hornbooks.”

Pioneer Days – Lesson 28

I can identify the missing letter.

Objective: To identify missing letters in cvc words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: construction paper, marker, clipart of cvc words, letter tiles

Procedures: Explain how pioneer children learned to read using a hornbook. (The alphabet was written on thin parchment paper and attached to a wooden paddle. It was protected with a thin sheet of animal horn.) Cut out horn book shapes and glue clipart to each. Write the word under the picture, omitting one letter. Your child will fill in each missing letter with a letter tile.

Conclusion: Have your child read each word again. Then create a covered wagon by placing a sheet over a card table. Snuggle inside and listen to your child read all of the Set 11 Pioneer Days books to you again.