Children love to chant so what better way to practice cvc words than a “wagon train chant!” Give me a ….


Pioneer Days – Lesson 7

I can read cvc words.

Objective: To fluently read cvc words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: wipe-off board, marker, eraser

Procedures: Tell your child that you are going to play “Wagon Train Chant”. Print a cvc word such as “west” on the wipe-off board. You will begin the chant by pointing to the letter w and chanting loudly, “Give me a w!” Your child will respond by chanting, “w!” Then you will chant, “Give me an e!” Your child will chant “e!” Next you will chant, “Give me an s!” and so on until you have chanted each letter in the word. Then you will chant, “What’s that spell?” and your child will reply “west!” Erase the word and continue the game with new words.

Conclusion: Have your child write words and chant the letters to you