Counting syllables in words is an important phonemic awareness skill because it helps children to segment words for decoding and spelling. Here is a fun way for your little “pioneer” to count syllables.


Pioneer Days – Lesson 8

I can count syllables in words.

Objective: To count syllables in words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: wagon wheel pasta, work mat containing 5 boxes.

Procedures: Give your child a small container of wagon wheel pasta and a work mat with five boxes. Explain that he will be counting syllables in words and representing each syllable with a wagon wheel on his work mat. Some words will have as few as one syllable and some will have as many as five syllables. Say a word such as “he”. Your child will place 1 wagon wheel in the first box. Then he will remove the wheel. Say “alligator”. He will place four wagon wheels in the boxes. Continue with words such as hippopotamus, butterfly, wagon, etc.

Conclusion: Have your child say words for you to count the syllables.