Teaching blends and digraphs doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth! But sometimes pulling teeth can be fun, especially if you are pulling teeth from a shark!

Under the Sea – Lesson 14

I can identify beginning sounds of blends and digraphs.

Objective: To identify beginning blends and digraphs. (RF.K.3)

Materials: poster board, white paper, foam board, tape, sharpie, tongs or tweezers.

Procedures: Draw a large shark on the poster board and glue it to a sheet of foam board. Cut out triangles from the white paper to represent shark teeth. Write a blend or digraph on each tooth. With small pieces of rolled tape, attach the teeth to the shark. Say a word. Your child will find the beginning blend or digraph and pull that tooth using the tongs.

Conclusion: Return the teeth to the shark and reverse roles. She will say words and you will pull the teeth.