Hula Hoops aren’t just for the beach! They can be used for all kinds of games such as this fun vowel activity.

Under the Sea – Lesson 17

I can identify vowel sounds.

Objective: To identify vowel sounds. (RF.K.3)

Materials: five hula hoops, five dolphin cut-outs, marker, ocean songs, cvc word cards

Procedures: Place the hula hoops on the ground. Write a vowel on each dolphin and place one in the middle of each hoop. Get the whole family to play. Find ocean songs for children on YouTube. Start the music and every one will “swim” around the hula hoops. Stop the music and each person must put their foot in a hoop. Choose a card from the deck and read the word. Whoever is standing in the hoop with that vowel sound gets a point. Continue until all the words have been called. The player with the most points wins!

Conclusion: Have your child read the words on the cards.