Decoding sentences can be lots of fun when they are clues to finding a hidden treasure!

Under the Sea – Lesson 26

I can read clues find a treasure.

Objective: To read sentences. (RF.K.4)

Materials: sentence strips, marker, toy treasure chest, gold wrapped candy or chocolate coins

Procedures: Write numbered clues on strips of paper. Fill a small toy chest with chocolate coins or some other treasure. Place the clues in order around the house. Have your child dress up like a pirate. Your child will read the first clue and it will tell him where to go to find the next clue and so on until the treasure is found.

Decodable clue ideas:

  1. Look in the kitchen sink.
  2. Look in the bathtub.
  3. Look by the trash can.
  4. Look in the little box.
  5. Look in the hall.
  6. Look on the bed.
  7. Look by the desk lamp.
  8. Look by the small clock.

Conclusion: Find a cozy corner to share the treasure. Then have your child read all six Under the Sea books to you again.