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Under the Sea – Lesson 6 – Sight Words

If your child likes digging in sand, she is sure to love this lesson!

Under the Sea – Lesson 6

I can read sight words.

Objective: To read sight words. (RF.K.3)

Materials: sand pail, shovel, clam shells, marker, silly objects

Procedures: Fill a pail with sand. (or use a sandbox) Write sight words on clam shells. Bury the shells in the sand. For extra giggles, bury several small objects, such a toothbrush, fork, key, bar of soap, etc. It will remind your child how the family in the story dug up unusual items. Your child will dig for a clam and read the word. If she finds an object, she can decide who may have used the object at the beach and why it could have been left behind.

Conclusion: Your child will read the sight words again and then she will write sixl of them on lined paper.

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