Who likes to go deep sea fishing? Here is a fun “fishing” lesson to practice beginning sounds, including letters and blends.

Under the Sea – Lesson 1

I can identify letters and sounds.

Objective: To identify sounds. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: bin, water, blue food coloring, ocean animals, shells, foam sea animal shapes, marker, plastic straw, small net

Procedures: Purchase foam sea animal shapes at a craft store or make your own. Write letters and blends on each. Create an ocean sensory bin with blue water. Add small rubber ocean animals, shells, plastic straw, etc. Your child will scoop up a foam shape with the net, name the letter or blend and say the sound it makes. He will say a word that begins with that sound(s). Continue until all the sea shapes have been found.

Conclusion: After all the sea shapes have been found, allow your child to explore the ocean sensory bin.