family photo 2

Hello! I’m LuAnn Santillo, creator of the Half-Pint Readers. Thank you for reading our blog. I have recently retired from 38 years of teaching kindergarten and pre-k. Although I will miss teaching, happily I am still able to stay involved in education. Two of our daughters are kindergarten teachers and they can always use another pair of hands in their classrooms! Best of all, we have an adorable one-year-old grandbaby. I’m sure he will be teaching us a thing or two about how children learn! So between us all, we should have an endless supply of topics for our blog! I hope our readers will find the information helpful and that you will also share your ideas with us about teaching and/or parenting!

I want our Half-Pint blog to be professional, yet somewhat personal at the same time so allow me to introduce you to my family and “Half-Pint team”. In this recent photo from left to right are…Dave (son-in-law), Megan (daughter), me, Angelo (grandbaby), Jenna, (daughter), Gary, (son-in-law), Raymond (husband), Michael (son), Katie (daughter) and Kyle (Katie’s guy). My family has been very supportive of our Half-Pint adventure and I think we make a pretty good team! I especially like how our team keeps growing!  The more, the merrier!!

When thinking about quality content for our blog, I thought a great place to start would be to create lesson plans to go along with the Half-Pint Readers. We have received several requests from homeschoolers and classroom teachers for a teaching guide. So hopefully, our future blogs will be a good resource, not only to use with our little books, but for any reading program. In our next blog, I will begin showing you how to prepare some materials for the lesson plans that will follow!