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Wild West – Lesson 10 – Writing Sentences

Using letter beads to make a Native American necklace is a fun way to create simple sentences!

Wild West – Lesson 10

I can write sentences.

Objective: To write sentences. (RF.K.2)

Materials: paper, pencil, letter beads, strings

Procedures: Explain to your child that she will be making Native American beaded necklaces. Place a container of letter beads and plain beads on the table and several strings. Dictate a sentence to your child. Your child will write the sentence on the lined paper. Then she will find the letter beads to spell each of the words and place them on the string. Tell her to separate each word in the sentence with a plain colored bead. Continue with more sentences.

Conclusion: Your child will read the sentences to you again. Then she may make up her own sentences.

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