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Wild West – Lesson 1 – Blends and Digraphs

For this lesson, your child will deliver the mail by “pony express”. What a fun way to practice blends and digraphs!

Wild West – Lesson 1 

I can sort pictures that begin with th, sm, gl, fl.

Objective: To sort pictures by their beginning sound. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: stick horse, marker, four mailbag cutouts, envelopes, clipart,

Procedures: Research how the mail was delivered by pony express. Write th, sm, gl, and fl on mailbags. Talk about the sound of each digraph or blend. Glue clipart pictures of these sounds to the envelopes. Your child will ride on the pony and deliver each envelope to the correct mailbag.

Conclusion: After all of the pictures have been sorted, your child will check her work by naming the pictures for each of the sounds.

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