After reading our new story, The Ball, here is a fun activity to review reading skills.

Wild West – Lesson 17

I can identify the sounds of blends, digraphs and vowels.

Objective: To identify the sound of blends, digraphs and vowels. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: beach ball, permanent marker

Procedures: Blow up a beach ball that has several colored sections. Use the marker to write blends, digraphs and vowels all over the ball, writing several in each section. Toss the ball to your child. When he catches it, he will say the sound of the blend, digraph or vowel which is closest to his thumb. Then he will say a word that has the sound in it. He will toss the ball to you and you will say the sound and a word. Continue tossing the ball back and forth until most of the blends, digraphs and vowels have been named.

Conclusion: Have your child say the sounds again as he writes them in a tray of sand.