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Wild West – Lesson 18 – Decoding Sentences

Adding a little action to your reading lesson makes learning more exciting. This ball toss activity is a fun follow-up to the book, The Ball.

Wild West – Lesson 18

I can decode sentences.

Objective: To decode sentences. (RF.K.4)

Materials: sentence strips, ball, basket, wipe-off board, marker

Procedures: Write decodable sentences on sentence strips. Your child will choose a sentence strip and read the sentence. For each word that she reads correctly, she gets a tally on the wipe-off board. Then she can earn a bonus point by tossing a ball into a basket. If it lands in the basket, she gets another tally. After all the sentences have been read, she can count her tally marks.

Conclusion: Your child will read each sentence again and choose two sentences to write on lined paper.


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