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Wild West – Lesson 25 – Sight Word Lizard Fun

Practicing sight words is lots of fun when you get to help a lizard find bugs in the sand. This lesson is a cute follow-up to our decodable book, Liz.

Wild West – Lesson 25

I can read sight words.

Objective: To fluently read sight words. (RF.K.3)

Materials: bin, sand, sharpie, plastic bugs, lizard shaped cut-outs.

Procedures: Purchase a few bags of plastic bugs at the dollar store. Use a sharpie to write a sight word on each bug. Cut out lizard shapes from green construction paper. Write a sight word on each. Create a sensory bin with your child using sand, rocks, clay cacti and plastic bugs. Your child will find a bug, read the sight word and match it to the lizard with the corresponding sight word.

Conclusion: When all the bugs have been found, your child will read each sight word and use it in a sentence.

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