You are bound to hear lots of giggles during this feather toss activity as your child catches feathers to decode real and nonsense words.

Wild West – Lesson 9

I can read real and nonsense words.

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: colored construction paper, marker, two baskets

Procedures: Cut out feather shapes from the colored paper. Write a real or nonsense word on each feather. Label two baskets as real and nonsense. Hold the feathers in your hand and say the following chant with your child:

“Running Fox was dancing all around, when the wind came up and blew his feathers down!”

On the word “down”, toss the feathers into the air and have your child catch them on the way down. Then he will read the words, decide if they are real or nonsense and place them in the correct baskets. Continue until all of the feathers have been caught.

Conclusion: Have your child read the words from each basket again.